Burning the Midnight Oil

The days when our ancestors were said to “burn the midnight oil” have long passed – yet little has changed in the quest for perfection. The Red Sea Translation team burning the midnight oil has become a habit lately.

The past year has flown past and Red Sea Translation has seen many interesting tasks and projects.

We celebrated the web-site’s first birthday in August.

But projects and clients and tasks meant no fanfare or celebrations. First things first!

One of the greatest challenges – and the most rewarding one – has been keeping clients happy by meeting almost impossible deadlines without compromising quality.

Our team rose to the occasion and worked almost impossible shifts around the clock to finalize some high priority texts that came our way.

Burning the midnight oil

Burning the midnight oil

One of the decisions we had to make was: since the work was so urgent, should we cut corners?

At the end of the day, we decided not to compromise. Each part of the work was painstakingly checked edited, and re-checked until we were happy with it.

Put to the test, the team overcame some difficult hurdles successfully. Management set a culture of support and appreciation, pulling the team together. A feedback strategy was put in place, keeping clients and translators updated every step of the way. In one particular project, the decision was made to create a virtual ops room and bring the client into it by means of a mobile app. The operation was successful and the client got a glimpse of what it takes to complete a large, highly technical translation project.

As I write this, our CEO is once again burning the midnight oil, setting an example for the team. A client with a critical upcoming deal is fighting against time – and Adel and the translators are there, providing 24/7 support and going the extra mile.

“I would like to extend my gratitude and appreciation to the Red Sea Team. You are part of this vision and highly valued. I also wish to extend appreciation to our Web team, editor and a particular vote of thanks to Top Link for your invaluable web expertise and creative input.“                         

Adel Alhaimi – CEO Red Sea Translation