Translation: Poetry that makes a difference – Poem by Chouchene Anis

The touching poetry of Chouchene Anis, Tunisian poet – an extract from “This Land for All”, translated by Adel:

Oh son of man*

You may disagree with me, you may not be like me

Be whoever you wish to be,

Be a Jew, a Christian or a Muslim, whether Sunni or Shia

Or even…

Be an atheist

Be black or white


Be yourself

Don’t be one of “them”

Take the higher road and embrace the depth of your dream

Oh man

You were created to be different from “them “
For God’s sake, admit it! You are not one of “them”!

Let your uniqueness shine

Be God’s representative on earth by being different and unique.

Don’t follow the herd

Live freely

This land, this earth, this planet, is for us all.

(Poem by Chouchene Anis, translated by Adel Alhaimi)

*(son /daughter of Adam and Eve)