Leadership, Agility and LEGO – Red Sea’s Adel Alhaimi Facilitates Course Interpretation
Leadership, Agility and LEGO – Red Sea’s Adel Alhaimi facilitates Course Interpretation

DUSIT THANI HOTEL DUBAI 16 – 18 SEPTEMBER 2018: Red Sea’s Adel Alhaimi was invited to interpret the proceedings at a course for UAE Public Servants.

Red Sea’s Adel Alhaimi with Course Facilitator and Delegates

The three-day interactive workshop included sessions with LEGO® and was facilitated by a professor from Spain.

The delegate’s leadership agility came into the spotlight as they developed various models as part of their innovative planning.

The delegates’ interactive LEGO projects

Adel reported that he tried to use an interpreting style that would bridge the cultural gap between the delegates and the facilitator as he tried to convey each side’s messages, making the interpreted messages interesting and avoiding verbosity that would be over the heads of the delegates.