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Adel Alhaimi Interprets at Dubai Government’s HR Lighthouse Conference

Adel Alhaimi Interprets at Dubai Government’s HR Lighthouse Conference on 18 July 2017. Adel conducted simultaneous interpreting for the conference.

Adel Alhaimi interpreting in HR Future Trends 2

The event was hosted at Dubai Mall’s prestigious Address Hotel.

Adel Alhaimi Interpreting in HR Future Trends 3

Speakers included Essa Bin Natoof who discussed “Future HR Strategies”, Sarah Davis (Centre and Qualifications Partnerships Manager – Middle East & GCC) on Future Talent Dynamics, and David Jones (Founder and CEO of The Talent Enterprise).

Adel Alhaimi Interpreting at HR Future Trends 1

The following is an article from WAM Emirates News Agency:


DUBAI, 20th July, 2017 (WAM) — Dubai Government Human Resources Department yesterday hosted the activities of the “HR Lighthouse” under the title “HR Future Trends” during an interactive conference.

With a wide participation of stakeholders and peers that take active interest in matters surrounding human resources at various government departments and institutions in Dubai, the 7th edition of the HR Lighthouse aims to embody the partnership between the Government of Dubai and various human resources professionals as well as to provide an interactive platform for the exchange of knowledge in addition to serving as an enlightening centre for creative thinking.

The session, which is part of the “HR Lighthouse” conference, discussed the challenges and prospects of the future of human capital. The choice of this hub is an affirmation to the UAE government’s approach and strategies for the future.

Eissa Abdulla Bin Natouf, Director of Insurance Affairs at Dubai Government Human Resources Department, pointed out that the human resources community in the government sector in Dubai is focused on creating an outlook from a human capital perspective within specific pillars, which he outlined employing the development of future scenarios of government work and public services.

He stressed the importance of achieving a tight link between education outputs and future perceptions and models on the labor market and its needs.

Ms. Sarah Davis, Centre and Qualifications Partnerships Manager- CIPD Middle East and GCC, delivered a presentation on the vision of the workforce in the Middle East from the CIPD perspective.

The second presentation was on “The Dynamics of Future Talents”, presented by David Jones, Founder and CEO of The Talent Enterprise, in which he addressed the future characteristics of human capital stemming from the effects of technological developments.

On the sidelines of the HR Lighthouse activities, a Memorandum of Understanding, MoU, was signed between Dubai Government Human Resources Department and CEB Consulting, which aims to enhance research and knowledge cooperation in the field of human resources development.

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Adel assists with interpreting at the International Civil Defense Day Conference – Abu Dhabi

Adel assists with interpreting at the International Civil Defense Day Conference in Abu Dhabi. The Conference took place on 6 March 2017 and the focus was on Fire Prevention and Adel was privileged to attend, assisting as a Simultaneous Interpreter.

Fire Prevention pic

Speakers included HE Sale Khaled AlQasimi, First Lr Taher Hassan Al Taher, James Arthur Bychowski, David Stanley Brown, Christopher Tan Eng Kiong and Grant Nigel Lupton,

Adel assists with interpreting at the International Civil Defense Day Conference in Abu Dhabi

Adel giving us a wave from the Translator’s Booth, Fire Prevention Conference

Fire Prevention Conference Abu Dhabi 2

ABU DHABI : More fire stations and better training for security guards in building safety are two of the new measures designed to cut fire deaths in the UAE by 15 per cent in the next four years.

Civil defense commanders on Monday also announced plans to cut the number of fires by 10 per cent.

Officials said the average response time has fallen to 7 minutes and that more stations will open to further reduce that.

 They also said building employees and residents can do more to help reach these goals.

Major General Jasim Mohammed Al Marzouqi, Commander General of Civil Defence at the Ministry of Interior, said in many cases residents have 90 seconds to get out of a burning building before the risk of casualty rises significantly.

“This is the most critical time in every fire,” he said at the International Civil Defence Day conference in Abu Dhabi on Monday.

 “We are faster than the international standard response time to a fire, which is 8 minutes. We have already achieved 7.1 minutes.

“Unfortunately, the civil defense can’t reach there during that very short time [90 seconds].

“So, we aim to further reduce fire response times by opening more fire service stations and training more residents of buildings, the community and security guards, who are the first to respond to fires.”

 Typical training and advice includes how to alert occupants to a fire, going from door-to-door and checking handles for heat before carefully entering a flat.

Security officers are advised to ensure they do not break glass in buildings that could allow smoke to escape into public areas.

“We’ve had instances where security guards responded very well and saved lives,” Maj Gen Al Marzouqi said.

“The idea is not how you respond to the incident, but the idea is how well you train the people who are first responders to the scene.”

 Maj Gen Al Marzouqi said the ministry has set targets for each emirate to ensure all are up to standard.

UAE law states that all building owners must train a number of occupants depending on the size and height of the building.

In a low-rise building of less than 15 metres in height, 10 per cent should be given fire training.

In a high-rise of 23 metres or more, that should rise to 30 per cent of occupants.

The fire safety conference also heard from Christopher Tan Eng Kiong, senior assistant commissioner at Singapore Civil Defense.

“Technology keeps evolving but that still can’t solve the problem of firefighting until we invest in human resources and the community – and professionally train them,” he said.

“Homeowners, industry workers, schoolteachers, medical professionals and everyone in the society needs to be trained.”

 In addition to improving the response time to fires, experts said much more could be done by homeowners and residents.

Dubai Civil Defense has estimated that 70 per cent of fires are caused by either electrical short circuits or goods stacked up on balconies.

There are 20 fire safety regulations being introduced, including the need to install fire alarms in private villas.

Salem Al Qassimi, director of product conformity at the Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity Council, said: “We are working with civil defense on three things – enhancing quality standards of products in Abu Dhabi to take those to the higher level, conformity schemes that focus on fire safety and certification for installing fire prevention products.”

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Adel Alhaimi Interprets at Intersec 2017

Adel Alhaimi interprets  at Intersec 2017, assisting Taiwanese giant, Klacci, from 22 to 24 January 2017.

Adel Alhaimi on duty at Intersec 2017

Adel Alhaimi Interprets at Intersec 2017

Adel, with his sharp ear for different English accents and dialects is a natural choice for multi-lingual events and he enjoyed the hustle and bustle of the expo tremendously.

Intersec Expo 2017 Final Day

Intersec Expo 2017 Final Day

Intersec 2017 - Red Sea's Adel Alhaimi Participates as Interpreter

Intersec 2017

Klacci, a Taiwanese based company with branches in the U.S. displayed a number of hi-tech products and we invite our readers to visit their website:

Intersec is the world’s largest trade fair for Security, Safety and Fire Protection. Here’s a snippet of some of the highlights:

Gulf Fire reported on the expo as follows:

Dubai security, safety, and fire protection showcase gets underway featuring 1,304 exhibitors from 58 countries

Dubai, UAE: Intersec 2017, the world’s largest trade fair for security, safety, and fire protection, got underway at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre today (22 January), featuring 1,304 exhibitors from 58 countries.

The 19th edition of the annual showcase was flagged off by His Highness Sheikh Mansoor bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, who was accompanied by senior government officials, organisers, and high-ranking representatives from the regional security industry.

Running for three days and spanning 56,300sqm, Intersec 2017 is five percent larger than the previous edition, underscoring the prevalent opportunities in a regional security and fire safety market that will more than double in size over the next five years.

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Red Sea’s Adel Alhaimi Runs Interpreter Course for Senior Public Sector Officials

Red Sea’s Adel Alhaimi runs Interpreter Course for Senior Public Sector Officials in Dubai:  15-20 January 2017.

Course Certificates

The five day course was specially designed by Adel and the Red Sea Team – and adapted to suit the officials’ specific requirements which included Sight and Military Interpreting. The course was a huge success and we look forward to running many more!

Adel Alhaimi and Ralph Leo (PhD)

Adel Alhaimi and Ralph Leo (PhD)

A special note of thanks to Mr Ralph Leo (PhD) who was called in to assist with Simultaneous Interpreting evaluations.

The delegates were assessed and their needs identified and the course was customized to boost their interpreting skills. Aside from theory, a great number of practical exercises were conducted, in Consecutive, Sight and Simultaneous Interpreting.

Red Sea's Adel Alhaimi Runs Interpreter Course for Senior Army Officers

Red Sea’s Adel Alhaimi Runs Interpreter Course for Senior Public Sector Officials

We look forward to providing this much needed service to the industry to a wider extent in the coming months and we also plan to design a one-month intensive training course for Interpreters.


Our course is designed to equip Interpreters to handle a wide variety of on-the-job challenges and to perform at their peak. The course involves a lot of practical work and evaluation.

Red Sea Translations are committed to making a difference in our field. Contact us to see how we can assist you.

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Amandla! Adel Alhaimi gets to meet Jordanian powerhouse Ehab Shanti

Amandla! Adel Alhaimi gets to meet Jordanian powerhouse Ehab Shanti, a middle-eastern visionary whose work in the UN and numerous cultural and empowerment projects have made him a legend in the region.

On 15 December 2016, Adel had the privilege of acting as an interpreter at an event hosted by Mr Shanti, president of Amandla Group which has branches in Jordan and UAE. (Amandla, inspired by the South African struggle for justice against apartheid, is, in fact, taken from the Zulu word for “Power”).

Only Mr Shanti could have taken a serious and somber topic – the refugee crisis in the Middle East – and made it come alive through a series of informal discussions, brainstorming and and role-playing, attended by delegates from refugee host countries such as Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Iraq and Turkey. Mr Shanti’s previous role in UNDP has placed him in a unique position from which to facilitate such a challenging forum.

Red Sea’s Adel Alhaimi was inspired by the brilliance of the facilitation process and felt honored to have assisted in such a significant and meaningful project.

Mr Ehab Shanti 5th from the right (Adel Alhaimi on extreme right)

Mr Ehab Shanti 5th from the right (Adel Alhaimi on extreme right)

Mr Shanti has served on innumerable forums and organizations and aside from his role as a master communicator, is dedicated to serving humanity, reviving art and cultural movements and ceaselessly striving to empower others and we quote from Amandla Group:

“Ehab Shanti is a communications expert with over 15 years of experience. He is the President and Founder of Amandla Group (, which is a strategic communications consulting firm based in Amman and covering the MENA region. Prior to this, he worked as the Head of Communications of the UNDP in Jerusalem, where he served as the Spokesperson of one of the most sensitive offices of the UN. Called by Al-Quds Newspaper as “the dynamite of the artistic movement,” Mr. Shanti has carried out numerous successful artistic and cultural events that attracted international attention including several art auctions and exhibitions in Jerusalem and Dubai. A Canadian of Arab origin, Mr. Shanti has completed most of his education in Canada and holds a Masters of Public Administration (MPA) from Dalhousie University and several BA’s from Carleton University in Art History, Political Science, and Interdisciplinary Studies (High Honors).  Mr. Shanti has extensive experience in communications and campaign organization including founding the Amandla Forum.”

Adel and the Red Sea team all extend our appreciation to Mr Shanti and his team for affording us the privilege of serving in this highly relevant and maningful event.

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Adel interprets at the 4th Arabian Zoo and Aquarium Conference in Al Ain

November was a busy month for Red Sea Translation, but it had it’s lighter moments – on site in Al Ain, CEO Adel interprets  at the 4th Arabian Zoo and Aquarium conference.

Adel gets ready for simultaneous interpreting

Adel getting ready for simultaneous interpreting at Al Ain

The conference was held by Al Ain Zoo which launched the second Arabian Zoo and Aquarium Association conference, themed: “Conservation and Education in Zoos and Aquariums across the region”.

Over 60 delegates representing zoo and aquarium institutions from the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Jordan and Palestine, attended the two-day conference.

Adel at Arabian Zoo and Aquarium Conference 6

Adel (on the far right) with delegates

This assignment was one of the lighter parts of  interpreting work – and one close to Adel’s heart, as conservation of the planet and wildlife are aspects which he takes great interest in – and he was happy to contribute in a small way.

Adel at Arabian Zoo and Aquarium Conference 5

On site in Al Ain – Adel interprets at 4th Arabian Zoo and Aquarium Conference

Conference and Simultaneous Interpreting seems like a glamorous and interesting career – and so it is. Nevertheless, it comes with its own set of challenges as one has to have nerves of steel, experience and deep cultural sensitivity. In spite of the intense concentration and fast thinking required, it is highly rewarding – and assignments such as this one, with it’s deep significance for the region (and the planet), makes the job a deeply enriching and satisfying one.

For those who haven’t been to the Al Ain Zoo, here’s a short video clip:


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Rare Honour for CEO and Interpreter Adel Alhaimi


It is a rare honour for Adel Alhaimi, our  Red Sea Translations CEO  to collaborate with our translation partners in the region and offer his services during the press release for His Highness, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid’s Tolerance Award and Institute Launch.

The press release kicks off on the afternoon of the 27th September and we are looking forward to more news from Adel who will be onsite for the whole session.



UAE Tolerance Award Press Release


UAE Tolerance Awards Press Conference Agenda

Adel, representing Red Sea Translations believes that by helping and collaborating with our colleagues, relationships will be forged which will help all the parties involved. And indeed, he has also been honoured to preside over numerous local government authority courses and events, along with other highly proficient partners.

These collaborations form part of Red Sea Translation’s commitment to excellence and high interpretation standards in the industry – and we expect to grow and excel as we tirelessly strive to help others achieve success.

Looking forward to more news from Adel. This post will be updated soon.

Keep an eye on local news for the Awards!


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