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A New Era for Red Sea Translation

A New Era for Red Sea Translation

عهد جديد مع شركة البحر الاحمر للترجمة

SHARJAH – 12 AUGUST 2018: Adel Alhaimi, Red Sea Translation founder and managing partner is pleased to announce the company’s formation as a legal entity in the UAE.

الشارقة – 12 أغسطس 2018: يسُر عادل الحيمي، المؤسس والشريك المدير لشركة “البحر الاحمر للترجمة” أن يعلن عن تأسيس الشركة ككيان قانوني داخل دولة الإمارات العربية المتحدة.

Red Sea Licence Pic

We would like to thank our clients and our partners in the translation industry for their support. We are entering a new era and as we move forward, our commitment remains fixed – OUR SUCCESS IS LINKED TO HELPING OUR CLIENTS AND PARTNERS SUCCEED!

This latest step puts us in a position to gain greater visibility in the market – and to amplify our voice internationally, as well as to raise the level of service offered to clients and industry partners.

ومن هنا، فإننا نتوجه بالشكر إلى عملائنا وشركائنا في سوق الترجمة لدعمهم لنا، وبينما نحن على أعتاب عهد جديد، ونتطلع إلى المضي قدمًا في هذا المجال، نظل ملتزمون بعهودنا–حيث يرتبط نجاح الشركة بمساعدة عملائها وشركائها للوصول إلى غاياتهم

وبفضل تلك الخطوة الأخيرة التي اتخذتها الشركة، وضعت الشركة نفسها في مكانة تستطيع من خلالها إبراز صورتها بشكل أكبر في سوق الترجمة– والترويج لها في جميع أنحاء العالم، فضلاً عن الارتقاء بمستوى الخدمة التي تقدمها إلى عملائها وشركائها في صناعة الترجمة.

Adel conducting Simultaneous Interpretation

Adel conducting Simultaneous Interpretation

Without our partners in the translation industry, we would not have attained our current level in the region. Certainly, Red Sea Translation has always offered its services to its translation partners, first and foremost – and has bent over backwards to be on call for even the most urgent of assignments, at all hours and right across the country. More recently, Adel cut short an international trip in order to assist one of our partners with an important interpretation assignment, and this reflects our commitment and dedication to our chosen field.

Our particular areas of expertise remain focused on Arabic <> English Interpretation  (both Simultaneous and Consecutive Interpretation), while our English Home Language services department continues to provide an invaluable service to our translation partners.

وبدون مساعدة عملائنا في سوق الترجمة ما كان للشركة أن ترقى إلى المستوى الذي عليه في المنطقة. ومما لا شك فيه أن شركة “البحر الاحمر للترجمة” تسعى دائما الى تقديم خدماتها إلى عملائها–في المقام الأول –كما تسعى جاهدة أن تكون دومًا على أهبة الاستعداد لتنفيذ المهام العاجلة التي تُسند إليها في جميع الأوقات من جميع أنحاء الدولة. ومؤخرا، سافر “عادل” في رحلة قصيرة خارج البلاد لمساعدة أحد عملاء الشركة في إحدى مهام  الترجمة الشفهية الهامة، ويعكس هذا مدى التزام الشركة وتفانيها في مجال الترجمة.

تواصل الشركة التركيز في مجالات خبرتها الخاصة على الترجمة الشفهية من اللغة العربية إلى الإنجليزية والعكس صحيح (وتشمل الترجمة الفورية والتتبعية)، في حين يواصل قسم خدمات اللغة الإنجليزية بالشركة تقديم خدمات ترجمة قيمة إلى شركائنا في مجال الترجمة.

Adel Alhaimi facilitating an Interpretation Course

Adel Alhaimi facilitating an Interpretation Course

On the community side, we continue to support translators and interpreters – our latest initiative being the formation of the UAE Translators Club, an informal, non-profit association, still in its infancy. The club aims to eventually help raise industry standards and provide a support system through the mutual sharing of experiences and information.

وعلى الصعيد المجتمعي، تواصل الشركة دعمها للمترجمين التحريريين والشفهيين –ويجري الآن تنفيذ المبادرة الأخيرة التي أطلقتها الشركة بخصوص إنشاء نادي للمترجمين في دولة الإمارات العربية المتحدة، على أن يكون هذا النادي جمعية غير رسمية وغير ربحية والهدف منه في نهاية المطاف هو المساعدة للارتقاء بمعايير الترجمة وتقديم نظام داعم لهذا المجال عبر تبادل الخبرات والمعلومات.

Adel - Simultaneous Interpretation

Adel – Simultaneous Interpretation

Looking ahead, things can only get better as we continue to assist and encourage translation companies, translators and interpreters to unite in propelling the industry to greater heights of excellence and efficiency.

واستشرافًا للمستقبل، لا يمكن الارتقاء بهذا المجال إلا بمواصلة دعم شركات الترجمة والمترجمين التحريريين والشفهيين وتشجيعهم على الاتحاد لدفع عجلة هذه الصناعة والوصول بها إلى أقصى مستويات التميز والكفاءة.

Certificate of FormationRed Sea Business Activities


Adel Alhaimi Interprets at IRF MENA Regional Congress

Adel Alhaimi Interprets at IRF MENA Regional Congress

DUBAI – OCTOBER 2017: Red Sea’s Adel Alhaimi was privileged to receive an invitation from Mr Khalil Jayousi, Union International Translation, to conduct Simultaneous Interpretation at the Congress, held in Dubai’s World Trade Centre from the 29th to the 31st October 2017. 

Adel was joined by a number of other top local interpreters, pictured below:

From right to left, Ms Heba, Mr Samer, Mr Abu Mahmood, Adel, Mr Ezz & Mr Murad

Adel in the booth - IRF MENA Congress

Adel in the booth – IRF MENA Congress

One of the IRF sessions, Dubai World Trade Centre

One of the IRF sessions, Dubai World Trade Centre

Adel shared how he felt especially privileged to receive the honor of interpreting the closing ceremony.

IRF Mena Congress - the final day

IRF Mena Congress – the final day – Adel was honored to interpret the closing address

In the booth for the closing address

Adel in the booth for the closing address

The following articles skim briefly over a few details from this highly significant and information-packed event which hosted a staggering 200 speakers in 50 sessions.

Ahmed bin Saeed opens IRF MENA Regional Congress and Exhibition

Under the patronage of Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of Dubai Executive Council His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, President of Dubai Civil Aviation Authority and Chairman and Chief Executive of Emirates Airline and Group His Highness Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum inaugurated the first International Road Federation (IRF) Middle East and North Africa Regional Congress and Exhibition at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

Hosted by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), the event, held under the theme of ‘Mobility Solutions for the 21st Century’, features 200 speakers and 50 sessions. About 70 exhibitors are participating in the event.

The inaugural session was attended by His Excellency Dr. Abdullah Mohammad Belhaif Al Nuaimi, Minister of Infrastructure Development; His Excellency Abdullah A. Al-Mogbel Chairman of the International Road Federation, and His Excellency Mattar Al Tayer, Director-General and Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors of RTA, along with a number of senior official and representatives of regional governments.

Delivering the keynote speech, the Chairman of the International Road Federation highlighted the role of IRF, which was established in 1948 to assist in rebuilding Europe’s road infrastructure following World War II. He also said that IRF has launched a number of programmes to assist engineers and technicians develop their knowledge and technical skills. He also said that more than 1,400 engineers from 118 countries were trained by the Federation. Al Mogbel further said that the number of autonomous cars will reach 15% of the total by 2030, which will require upgradation of the road infrastructure. The IRF, he said, can provide the technical knowledge required for supporting this change.

Anthony Foxx Former US Secretary of Transportation, who was the conference keynote speaker, praised Dubai’s infrastructure and its roads as well as its mobility solutions. He also threw light on five challenges that the mobility landscape faces – inter-city goods transportation, climate change, technology usage, the impact of technology, and governance for solving traffic problems.

Sheikh Ahmed honoured the sponsors of the events, as well as Anthony Foxx at the event.

Trade Arabia commenting on the first day of the Congress:

A total of 200 speakers from 50 countries are set to take part in the first Mena Congress and Exhibition of the International Road Federation (IRF) opening today (October 29) in Dubai, UAE.

Being held under the theme “Mobility Solutions for the 21st Century”, the event is considered one of the key road-specialist events, and will convene at the Dubai World Trade Center for the first time in the Mena region. The opening ceremony will witness the honouring of sponsors and the keynote speaker.

The Congress, which is hosted by the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), will see the participation of specialists and experts from all over the globe sharing expertise in an array of discussion panels. More than 100 papers will be presented, and 200 speakers will deliver speeches.

Fifty sessions will be held to discuss a whole host of fields relating to innovations in smart cities, designs of road safety and smart transit systems, assets and pavement management, partnerships and finance, and issues relating to the environment and sustainability. At the sidelines of the Congress, an exhibition spanning more than three thousand square meters will be held where 70 exhibitors will take part.

“Staging this global event in Dubai is a global endorsement of the confidence reposed by international entities in the high profile of the UAE and its ability to host international events. It is also signals a recognition by the IRF of the massive efforts of the Dubai Government in nurturing the best infrastructure of roads network in the Emirate,” said Mattar Al Tayer, director-general and chairman of the RTA.


“RTA is exploring the possibility of operating autonomous vehicles on pavements and crossing side roads guided by hi-tech dedicated light traffic signals. It seeks to implement this pioneering global experience for crossing side roads by autonomous vehicles through signalised crossings dedicated to these vehicles. An MoU will be signed during the Congress heralding the first experience of its kind worldwide in terms of using technology and customising the infrastructure to the crossing of roads by autonomous vehicles,” said Al Tayer.

“Over the past decade, the Dubai Government has spent about Dh90 billion ($24.5 billion) for upgrading the infrastructure of roads and transport network in the Emirate, including Dh60 billion for roads sector. Accordingly, the total length of roads network in the Emirate has soared from 8715 lane-kilometre in 2006 to 13594 lane-kilometre in 2016.

“During the same period, the number of lanes crossing the Dubai Creek has jumped from 19 to 48 recording 153% rise. Examples of vital roads network projects include the construction of the 13-lane Business Bay Crossing, replacing the old Al Garhoud Bridge by a 14-lane crossing, constructing the 6-lane Floating Bridge using military technology, and increasing the number of lanes of Al Maktoum Bridge to 11 lanes,” he added.

Abdullah Al Mogbel, chairman of the IRF, said, “For centuries, roads had been the world’s first “social network” providing essential human and economic development. At the International Road Federation, we have tried to capture the connections between roads and trade with a simple slogan “Better Roads. Better World.” The roads we are designing and building today are durable assets. They would serve an increasingly diversified range of uses and vehicles. Events such as these supported by multi-stakeholder platforms, like IRF are essential to achieve a cross-industry consensus around essential questions.”

“IRF and Dubai RTA share a common vision of roads and mobility at the service of a longer-term agenda of growth and sustainability. It is with this shared spirit that we have worked together to develop this program, and that we would continue to further our agenda of constructive engagement around mobility solutions for the 21st century,” added Al Mogbel. – TradeArabia News Service

Adel assists with interpreting at the International Civil Defense Day Conference – Abu Dhabi

Adel assists with interpreting at the International Civil Defense Day Conference in Abu Dhabi. The Conference took place on 6 March 2017 and the focus was on Fire Prevention and Adel was privileged to attend, assisting as a Simultaneous Interpreter.

Fire Prevention pic

Speakers included HE Sale Khaled AlQasimi, First Lr Taher Hassan Al Taher, James Arthur Bychowski, David Stanley Brown, Christopher Tan Eng Kiong and Grant Nigel Lupton,

Adel assists with interpreting at the International Civil Defense Day Conference in Abu Dhabi

Adel giving us a wave from the Translator’s Booth, Fire Prevention Conference

Fire Prevention Conference Abu Dhabi 2

ABU DHABI : More fire stations and better training for security guards in building safety are two of the new measures designed to cut fire deaths in the UAE by 15 per cent in the next four years.

Civil defense commanders on Monday also announced plans to cut the number of fires by 10 per cent.

Officials said the average response time has fallen to 7 minutes and that more stations will open to further reduce that.

 They also said building employees and residents can do more to help reach these goals.

Major General Jasim Mohammed Al Marzouqi, Commander General of Civil Defence at the Ministry of Interior, said in many cases residents have 90 seconds to get out of a burning building before the risk of casualty rises significantly.

“This is the most critical time in every fire,” he said at the International Civil Defence Day conference in Abu Dhabi on Monday.

 “We are faster than the international standard response time to a fire, which is 8 minutes. We have already achieved 7.1 minutes.

“Unfortunately, the civil defense can’t reach there during that very short time [90 seconds].

“So, we aim to further reduce fire response times by opening more fire service stations and training more residents of buildings, the community and security guards, who are the first to respond to fires.”

 Typical training and advice includes how to alert occupants to a fire, going from door-to-door and checking handles for heat before carefully entering a flat.

Security officers are advised to ensure they do not break glass in buildings that could allow smoke to escape into public areas.

“We’ve had instances where security guards responded very well and saved lives,” Maj Gen Al Marzouqi said.

“The idea is not how you respond to the incident, but the idea is how well you train the people who are first responders to the scene.”

 Maj Gen Al Marzouqi said the ministry has set targets for each emirate to ensure all are up to standard.

UAE law states that all building owners must train a number of occupants depending on the size and height of the building.

In a low-rise building of less than 15 metres in height, 10 per cent should be given fire training.

In a high-rise of 23 metres or more, that should rise to 30 per cent of occupants.

The fire safety conference also heard from Christopher Tan Eng Kiong, senior assistant commissioner at Singapore Civil Defense.

“Technology keeps evolving but that still can’t solve the problem of firefighting until we invest in human resources and the community – and professionally train them,” he said.

“Homeowners, industry workers, schoolteachers, medical professionals and everyone in the society needs to be trained.”

 In addition to improving the response time to fires, experts said much more could be done by homeowners and residents.

Dubai Civil Defense has estimated that 70 per cent of fires are caused by either electrical short circuits or goods stacked up on balconies.

There are 20 fire safety regulations being introduced, including the need to install fire alarms in private villas.

Salem Al Qassimi, director of product conformity at the Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity Council, said: “We are working with civil defense on three things – enhancing quality standards of products in Abu Dhabi to take those to the higher level, conformity schemes that focus on fire safety and certification for installing fire prevention products.”

Red Sea’s Adel Alhaimi Runs Interpreter Course for Senior Public Sector Officials

Red Sea’s Adel Alhaimi runs Interpreter Course for Senior Public Sector Officials in Dubai:  15-20 January 2017.

Course Certificates

The five day course was specially designed by Adel and the Red Sea Team – and adapted to suit the officials’ specific requirements which included Sight and Military Interpreting. The course was a huge success and we look forward to running many more!

Adel Alhaimi and Ralph Leo (PhD)

Adel Alhaimi and Ralph Leo (PhD)

A special note of thanks to Mr Ralph Leo (PhD) who was called in to assist with Simultaneous Interpreting evaluations.

The delegates were assessed and their needs identified and the course was customized to boost their interpreting skills. Aside from theory, a great number of practical exercises were conducted, in Consecutive, Sight and Simultaneous Interpreting.

Red Sea's Adel Alhaimi Runs Interpreter Course for Senior Army Officers

Red Sea’s Adel Alhaimi Runs Interpreter Course for Senior Public Sector Officials

We look forward to providing this much needed service to the industry to a wider extent in the coming months and we also plan to design a one-month intensive training course for Interpreters.


Our course is designed to equip Interpreters to handle a wide variety of on-the-job challenges and to perform at their peak. The course involves a lot of practical work and evaluation.

Red Sea Translations are committed to making a difference in our field. Contact us to see how we can assist you.

Adel Alhaimi was honored to interpret at DAFZA’s “The Big Conversation”

Adel Alhaimi was honored to interpret at DAFZA – The Big Conversation  – This prestigious event was held at the Le Meridien Hotel, Dubai on 13 December 2016.

Adel Alhaimi in the interpreter’s booth – DAFZA’s “The Big Conversation” 13 December 2016

Adel Alhaimi was honored to interpret at DAFZA – The Big Conversation

Adel and a colleague prepare to interpret at DAFZA’s “The Big Conversation”

Adel Alhaimi at work in the Interpreter's booth - The Big Conversation 13 December 2016

Adel Alhaimi at work in the Interpreter’s booth – The Big Conversation 13 December 2016

Here is what the news media had to say about the event:

Major Dubai Government entities sign multilateral MoU’s during official launch of DAFZA’s ‘The Big Conversation’

Under the patronage and presence of H.H. Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, Chairman of the Dubai Airport Freezone Authority (DAFZA), DAFZA has signed today (Tuesday, December 13, 2016) multilateral Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) with several major entities under the Dubai Government – including the Dubai Police, the Dubai Health Authority, the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Dubai Economic Department, Dubai Customs, the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Dubai, and Dubai Civil Aviation. The move is also in strategic collaboration with Dubai Smart Office.

This is in line with the inauguration of the ‘Development of Governmental Services’ Innovation Ecosystem’ initiative which aims to create innovative solutions and enhance customer experiences in support of national efforts towards making Dubai the most business-friendly city and a preferred investment destination in the world in line with Dubai Plan 2021. The MoUs were signed in presence of several high-profile government officials, including H.E. Dr. Mohammed Al Zarooni, Director General, DAFZA; H.E. Dr. Aisha Bin Bishr, Director General of the Smart Dubai Office; H.E. Humaid Al Qatami, Chairman and Director-General, Dubai Health Authority; H.E. Majid Al Ghurair, Chairman of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry; H.E. Sami Al Qamzi, Director General of the Dubai Department of Economic Development; Major-General Dr. Abdul Quddus Al Obaidly, Assistant Commandant General for Quality and Excellence, Dubai Police; H.E. Ahmed Mahboob, Director, Dubai Customs; Major General Mohammed Ahmed Al Marri, Director of the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs – Dubai; and H.E. Mohammed Ahli, Director General, Dubai Civil Aviation.”

The Big Conversation - Agenda 13 December 2016

The Big Conversation – Agenda 13 December 2016

Adel at Uxbert event as Conference Interpreter – 12 December 2016

Adel at Uxbert event as Conference Interpreter – 12 December 2016 – This conference was held at the Jumeirah Lake Towers a couple of days ago.

City-scape by Adel Alhaimi during an UXBERT event at Jumeirah Lake Towers

While the event was not open to the public and we can’t publish pic’s, we have some outstanding photo’s of Dubai during a break at the event.

View from Jumeirah Lake Towers during UXBERT event – pic by Adel Alhaimi who attended as Simultaneous Interpreter

Red Sea's Adel Alhaimi takes time to appreciate the scenery - Jumeira Lake Towers

Red Sea’s Adel Alhaimi takes time to appreciate the scenery – Jumeira Lake Towers

In an earlier post, we gave some information on UX designs, now we give you the opportunity to learn a little about UXBERT:


Adel Alhaimi Interprets at UX Conference – December 6, 2016

Adel Alhaimi Interprets at UX Conference – this was during a private conference in Dubai which gave Adel a pleasant break from bigger events. Nevertheless, Simultaneous Interpreting is still challenging and requires intensive concentration.

Adel takes a break during a recent UX conference in Dubai

Adel takes a break during a recent UX conference in Dubai

The conference took place on December 6 and as this was a private event, we will simply give you a little bit of information about UX or User Experience design:

User experience design (UX, UXD, UED or XD) is the process of enhancing user satisfaction with a product by improving the usability, accessibility and pleasure provided in the interaction with the product. User experience design encompasses traditional human-computer interaction (HCI) design, and extends it by addressing all aspects of a product or service as perceived by users.

The venue was located in Dubai

The venue was located in Dubai

Simultaneous Interpreting is one of Adel’s strong points and he delights in providing this service to clients from all sectors.

Adel interprets at the 4th Arabian Zoo and Aquarium Conference in Al Ain

November was a busy month for Red Sea Translation, but it had it’s lighter moments – on site in Al Ain, CEO Adel interprets  at the 4th Arabian Zoo and Aquarium conference.

Adel gets ready for simultaneous interpreting

Adel getting ready for simultaneous interpreting at Al Ain

The conference was held by Al Ain Zoo which launched the second Arabian Zoo and Aquarium Association conference, themed: “Conservation and Education in Zoos and Aquariums across the region”.

Over 60 delegates representing zoo and aquarium institutions from the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Jordan and Palestine, attended the two-day conference.

Adel at Arabian Zoo and Aquarium Conference 6

Adel (on the far right) with delegates

This assignment was one of the lighter parts of  interpreting work – and one close to Adel’s heart, as conservation of the planet and wildlife are aspects which he takes great interest in – and he was happy to contribute in a small way.

Adel at Arabian Zoo and Aquarium Conference 5

On site in Al Ain – Adel interprets at 4th Arabian Zoo and Aquarium Conference

Conference and Simultaneous Interpreting seems like a glamorous and interesting career – and so it is. Nevertheless, it comes with its own set of challenges as one has to have nerves of steel, experience and deep cultural sensitivity. In spite of the intense concentration and fast thinking required, it is highly rewarding – and assignments such as this one, with it’s deep significance for the region (and the planet), makes the job a deeply enriching and satisfying one.

For those who haven’t been to the Al Ain Zoo, here’s a short video clip:


Tolerance Awards Press Conference – Adel takes the Booth

We are thrilled to post some pictures from CEO Adel Alhaimi who was recently privileged to “take the booth” and conduct Simultaneous Interpreting at the press conference for H.E. Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s new Global Initiative: The Tolerance Awards.

The press conference took place on 29 October 2016 at Burj Khalifa, Dubai’s highest tower, and closed with the symbolic release of white doves outside the venue.


In the Interpreter Booth - Adel Alhaimi at Tolerance Awards Press conference

Adel and Colleague in Burj Khalifa for the Tolerance Awards Press Conference

Outside Burj Khalifa for the Dove Release Ceremony

Tolerance Awards Press Conference - Releasing the Doves

Some facts about the Awards:

Mohammed Bin Rashid Award for Tolerance


The idea of the award:

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai launched the Mohammed bin Rashid Award for Tolerance in response to tensions in the region and the decline of civilized development in the Arab world on various levels which sparks intolerance, narrow-mindedness and retrenchment of sects and nationalities. This is what the global initiative for tolerance is all about; it embraces the honoring of global icons of tolerance in areas of human thought, literary creativity and aesthetics.


The objectives of the award:

  • Build young Arab leaders and resources in the field of tolerance
  • Support intellectual, cultural and media productions related to strengthening the values of tolerance and openness to others in the world


  • Appoint Ambassadors for Tolerance from the young Arab population
  • Highlight frameworks of openness and tolerance whilst strengthening intellectual and aesthetic creativity


Award Ctiteria:

  • Scientists who have made prominent contributions in spreading the values of tolerance
  • Writers and novelists who achieved merit characterized by multiculturalism and preservation of human heritage
  • Inventors who have paved the way and pioneered in the field of theater, painting, cinema and arts
  • Young people who have embarked on innovative youth projects that have a direct impact on the provision of future youth generations


Message of the Award:

The Mohammed bin Rashid Award for Tolerance seeks to cultivate seeds of tolerance in Arab societies through the allocation of programs focused on youth leadership that is characterized by the highest degree of



responsibility, knowledge and a sense of national belonging.


جائزة محمد بن راشد للتسامح

فكرة الجائزة:

أطلق صاحب السمو الشيخ محمد بن راشد آل مكتوم نائب رئيس الدولة،رئيس مجلس الوزراء، حاكم دبي جائزة محمد بن راشد للتسامح كاستجابة واقعية وعملية لأسباب التوتر في المنطقة والتراجع الحضاري العربي في الكثير من المجلات وهو موضوع التعصب والانغلاق والتخندق خلف المذاهب والطوائف والقوميات  وهي عبارة عن مبادرة عالمية للتسامح تشمل تكريم رموز التسامح العالمي في مجالات الفكر الإنساني والإبداع الأدبي والفنون الجمالية.


أهداف الجائزة :

  • بناء قيدات وكوادر عربية شابة في مجال التسامح.
  • دعم الانتاجات الفكرية والثقافية والاعلامية المتعلقة بترسيخ قيم التسامح والانفتاح على الآخر في العالم.
  • صناعة سفراء للتسامح من الشباب في عالمنا العربي.
  • إبراز نماذج الانفتاح والتسامح وترسيخ الإبداع الفكري والجمالي


معايير اخيتار الجائزة :

  • العالم والمفكر الذي له اسهامات بارزة في نشر قيم التسامح


  • الأديب والروائي الذي حقق جدارة مطلقة بابداعه المتسم بالتعدد الثقافي وحفظ ذاكرة التراث الانساني
  • المبدعين الذين حققوا سبق الريادة في فنون المسرح والرسم والسينما
  • الشباب الذين لديهم مشاريع شبابية مبتكرة تسهم في توفير مضمون شبابي للعديد من الفعاليات


رسالة الجائزة:

تسعى جائزة محمد بن راشد للتسامح لغرس بذور التسامح في المجتمعات العربية عبر تخصيص برامج تركز على صناعة قيادة شبابية متسمة بأعلى درجات المسؤولية والمعرفة والشعور بالانتماء الوطني


Rare Honour for CEO and Interpreter Adel Alhaimi


It is a rare honour for Adel Alhaimi, our  Red Sea Translations CEO  to collaborate with our translation partners in the region and offer his services during the press release for His Highness, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid’s Tolerance Award and Institute Launch.

The press release kicks off on the afternoon of the 27th September and we are looking forward to more news from Adel who will be onsite for the whole session.



UAE Tolerance Award Press Release


UAE Tolerance Awards Press Conference Agenda

Adel, representing Red Sea Translations believes that by helping and collaborating with our colleagues, relationships will be forged which will help all the parties involved. And indeed, he has also been honoured to preside over numerous local government authority courses and events, along with other highly proficient partners.

These collaborations form part of Red Sea Translation’s commitment to excellence and high interpretation standards in the industry – and we expect to grow and excel as we tirelessly strive to help others achieve success.

Looking forward to more news from Adel. This post will be updated soon.

Keep an eye on local news for the Awards!


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