Our Logo


Red Sea Translation Services chose the seahorse as a logo for a number of reasons:

  • Translation is a delicate art – one slip in choosing the right words and the whole concept may change. As such, the seahorse, being fragile and beautiful, like our precious languages, is a natural choice to represent what we love to do: translate perfectly.
  • Attention to detail – just as the seahorse has been designed in such fine detail, so Red Sea Translation, as a trusted team of translators, is committed to taking care of the smallest details.
  • Loyalty – seahorses are known to have partners for life, and we are committed to long term relationships with the translation industry and our clients. As such, we avoid short-cuts and put in extra effort, aiming for long term service relationships.
  • The seahorse is relevant to our name – the name Red Sea is loaded with meaning, both culturally and historically. Often, bridges need to be built  across the many cultures in the region. This is where Red Sea Translation comes in, forming  bridges to straddle cultural differences – and using our translation skills to break down language barriers.
  • Artistic – the seahorse is a work of art. A perfect symbol for The Red Sea Translation core team which has, from the start, been seeking to make contributions in the translation of poetry, song lyrics and other literary endeavors.

Enjoy the following short clip on seahorses!

And feel free to approach us anytime – we shall translate your valued work and documents promptly and exquisitely.

The following site is an interesting source for seahorse facts! Enjoy!