Red Sea Translation – a Response to Covid-19

Red Sea Translation – a Response to Covid-19

The Red Sea Team was on lockdown!

Though continuing to work on projects remotely, the mood was somber at our home offices spread across our different countries.

As the news constantly bombarded us with infection and death statistics, the group’s founder, Adel, decided that enough was enough – and proceeded to lighten the mood by passing fun projects to team members to work on.

We worked on humorous images and inspirational quotes to distract our friends and associates from the barrage of pandemic panic messages. From translating popular Arabic humour to English, to translating a popular and dramatic Arabic song and producing a video with the lyrics, the team had a lot of fun.

Here are some of our attempts – enjoy!

The Court Song by Kathem Al Saher:

And more to come!

Suggestions for new fun material to translate  as community projects are welcome!