Red Sea Translation – Still Serving Partners in the Industry

Red Sea Translation – Still Serving Partners in the Industry!

Red Sea Translation continues to serve its partners in the translation industry, maintaining an attitude of humility and mutual cooperation in spite of its growth over the years.

Red Sea’s founder, Adel Alhaimi interpreting in collaboration with local translation partners

Red Sea Translation’s founder, Adel Alhaimi has remained loyal to old partners and associates and continues to collaborate in many events, partnering with some of the region’s long-standing translation companies to provide a service to the industry, especially in assisting with simultaneous interpretation.

Below we share some pics showing the action inside the Interpreters Booth – and at times, the view from within. 

A recent event where Adel Alhaimi was invited to facilitate simultaneous interpreting

Red Sea’s Adel Alhaimi going live at recent Simultaneous Interpreting event

Behind the mic at a November Conference – Adel Alhaimi

Red Sea Translation Founder hard at work in November 2018 Conference

A moment of Consecutive Interpretation during an event calling for both Simultaneous and Consecutive Interpretation

The world of the Conference Interpreter

Red Sea Translation’s commitment to the industry also extends to non-profit community projects such as the establishment of the UAE’s first Translators Club, a not-for-profit voluntary association aiming to set industry standards and to be a support, networking and information-sharing platform.

Although work schedules held the club back during 2018, the club is still available as a useful  networking forum. Translators and interpreters in the UAE are welcome to connect via the club’s WhatsApp Group: